SFFP Tasmania calls on the Hodgman led State Government to honour its commitment to provide basic toilet facilities in our highly visited angling sites.

The lack of action is an embarrassment to our tourism image.

The lack of basic facilities such as toilet and dump stations for tourist and fishers in the Central Highlands is continuing to impact on our Highlands environment and waterways.

There is no question that visitor numbers to this State are increasing and our fresh water fisheries are a strong attraction. They Provide our rural and regional business and communities a much-needed economic boost.

The areas such as the Central Highlands rely heavily on anglers and sightseeing tourists to provide economic viability to carry them through the winter months.

On Friday 7 December 28 boat trailers were at the main boat ramp at Penstock Lagoon, the following day 34 were counted at Woods Lake.  Most of these had multiple occupants.  One angler reported seeing a female angler relieving herself over the gunwales of a dingy into Penstock Lagoon, toilet paper litter the shorelines of both these and many other freshwater lakes.

Frequent sighting of anglers walking into the nearby bush areas for toileting purposes are commonplace. Both these sites are destined to be used for the World Fly-fishing Championship next year.

Other residents report seeing caravans emptying black and grey water in areas adjacent to Brady’s Lake and on the Marlborough and Lake Hwy.

SFFP urgently requests the government to provide a temporary solution. This could be achieved by contracting a Portable Toilet facility over this summer period in these highly visited sites.  These is simply no excuse for this escalating problem to continue unabated.

Ken Orr
Acting Chair,
Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party. Tas.