Thanks to a Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant from the City of Hobart, Island magazine is inviting Tasmanian writers to imagine and write a climate future.

‘Responding creatively to a changing climate can be a powerful act,’ said Island Managing Editor Vern Field.

‘Creativity and storytelling can transform what might seem abstract or remote into worlds we can relate to. It also offers us a way to express our fears and our hopes, and that builds empathy and the motivation to engage more deeply with this crucial challenge.’

Writers are encouraged to explore the City of Hobart’s ‘Hobart Climate Change Information for Decision Making‘ to better understand the expected impacts of climate change in Tasmania.

The project is premised on our changing climate and scientific modelling that show how Tasmania will be affected. There is a need to create and share ideas about what that means for our communities, and to imagine how we can adapt and become more resilient.

Island will accept expressions of interest from all Tasmanian writers until midnight 20 January 2019 for projects to create a piece of climate-related creative nonfiction or fiction. Three works will be selected and published in 2019 in the Tasmanian literary magazine.

Detailed information for interested writers about the process, terms and conditions is available on the Island website at

A public event will be held at the culmination of the project, at which the successful authors will discuss their response.


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Through the Dr Edward Hall Environment Grant program, the City of Hobart provides assistance to schools, community groups and businesses for projects relating to energy efficiency, air and water quality, food gardens, waste reduction, climate change, sustainable transport and local biodiversity.

The City of Hobart recognises that climate change is a significant global issue that will be experienced at a local level. It is committed to finding practical and effective ways to address climate change issues and begin to adapt to climate impacts. It is also working collaboratively with southern Tasmanian councils to share knowledge, act to minimise potential risks, reduce emissions and take advantage of the opportunities that arise out of changes in the climate.