Shadow Assistant Minister to the Opposition Leader (Tasmania), Senator Helen Polley has slammed Michael Ferguson and the Liberal Hodgman Government for welcoming the Morrison Government’s health funding charade.

Minister Ferguson’s positive reaction to Scott Morrison’s health announcement is an insult to the intelligence of Tasmanians.

Does Minister Ferguson seriously think that Tasmanians will forget the $4 billion that has been ripped out of public hospitals in the last five years under the Federal Liberal government and the impact this has had on our hospitals?

As Treasurer, Scott Morrison slashed health funding in every single one of his budgets and now Minister Ferguson wants to pat him on the back for putting back $1 billion.

If you take $4 billion out over five years from public hospitals, putting a little bit over $1 billion back doesn’t fill the gap. It doesn’t come even close.

Our health and hospital system has reached catastrophic levels because of the sheer incompetence and ignorance of State and Federal Liberal Governments.

Now on the eve of a Federal Election we have a desperate Prime Minister who wants a gold medal for putting a fraction of money back in and making communities bid for that money across the country.

Michael Ferguson is the most incompetent Health Minister who has proven time and time again that he is unable to stand up to his Federal counterparts to ensure we get more than the scraps off the table.

Tasmanians are sick of this dead-weight Health Minister and they are sick of the Federal Government’s continued failure to prioritise and properly fund the health care of all Australians.