David O’Byrne MP
Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

  • Rockliff lied when he said CEO was retiring
  • Payout in excess of $322,000 a waste of taxpayers’ funds
  • Liberals unable to control golden handshakes

The Infrastructure Minister, Jeremy Rockliff, has been caught misleading Tasmanians over the departure of the former CEO of TasPorts, which cost taxpayers in excess of $322,000.

Mr Rockliff issued a press release in August stating:

“Chief Executive Officer of Tasports, Paul Weedon has advised the Government of his intention to retire this September.”

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport David O’Byrne said it is clear from Government Business Enterprise Hearings today that the Chair of the Board effectively forced Mr Weedon to resign.

“Mr Weedon was a highly respected and capable CEO of TasPorts,” Mr O’Byrne said.

“Jeremy Rockliff must explain why Mr Weedon was forced to resign and why he issued a press release lying about the reasons for his departure.

“Taxpayers have footed the bill for a $188,000 termination payment in lieu of notice, $134,000 in accrued leave and the potential for a further payment of bonuses.

“This is a gross waste of taxpayer money and the latest golden handshake to be revealed in GBEs.

“Almost five years ago the Treasurer promised to crack down on payouts in GBEs.

“Far from a crackdown, what we have seen is a cover up.”