Based in Burnie, the Penguin Rehabilitation Facility is the first of its kind in North-West Tasmania, allowing for the mid to long-term rehabilitation of our local seabirds. This facility is now a reality due to grants from Burnie City Council, Wynyard/Waratah Council, and Devonport City Council, through the sponsorship of Friends of Burnie Penguins, and the generosity and support of local businesses, community organisations and individuals (from Tasmania and interstate).

Penguins, and other seabirds, require a specialised environment, specific equipment, and on-going care and monitoring in order to be successfully rehabilitated. After more than 3 or 4 days in care, they require regular and intensive swimming therapy to develop and maintain the fitness necessary for successful release. To date, all birds requiring this swimming exercise have had to travel to the south of the state where the only adequate facilities are located. And, when ready for release, they must make the return journey.

This facility is available to registered carers throughout the North-West who may have birds that require intensive pool therapy pre-release. It consists of a lockable and rodent-proof, fully enclosed area approximately 55 square metres, constructed of timber posts, aviary wire and shade-cloth. This enclosure houses a 3.6m diameter above ground pool, and two aviaries. An additional aviary, and bath-house, situated apart from this area is available for birds in quarantine.

All birds will come into care under permits by Wildlife Management Branch, DPIPWE and will be cared for by a trained and registered seabird rehabilitator.