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Off-Guardian: The Guardian’s Bush obituary plumbs new depths of sycophantic hypocrisy

George Herbert Walker Bush died on Saturday. He was 94 years old. Thanks to decisions he made throughout his career, thousands – perhaps millions – of people never got near 94. He invaded Iraq in 1991, instituted sanctions that destroyed the country. He pardoned those involved in the Iran-Contra affair and was head of the CIA when Operation Condor launched the military coup in Argentina in 1976 …

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  1. William Boeder

    December 5, 2018 at 1:39 pm

    Hello Max, Good to read your comment, it tells me you are an intelligent person with a questing mind for facts.
    George H Bush was part of the conspiracy team to have JFK assassinated, my understanding is that JFK was also considering the disbanding of America’s CIA. The President appointed almost immediately Lyndon B Johnson, was also part of the JFK death conspiracy team.

    The B middle initial of this Mordor reads to my mind as B for ‘Bombing Escalation’ during the American initiated Vietnam war. It was the newly appointed “Lyndon Bombing-Escalator” Johnson that brought into being the carpet-bombing of major regions of North Vietnam that had almost broken the back of Ho Chi Minh’s resistance against the US of A intensive merciless slaughter of all that moved above North Vietnam’s soil. (A quote from Ho Chi Minh.)

    It was George Bush senior that was able to fly out the Bin Laden family and the negotiating others that were being accommodated at his residential HQ ranch, that was told point blank if they signed a massive oil trade deal he would fly them home overseas. (In which they had hurriedly signed.)

    Interesting is the pure fact that the Bin Laden flight per the instrucion of old Herbert G Bush was to be the only permitted flight to depart aloft on the day in the wake of 9/11 false flag event that had taken down the Twin Towers.
    The drones in the initial video capture being superimposed as Passenger planes as had appeared in the only Worldwide released video footage that had filmed and transmitted of this entire event. Pure Hollywood style.
    Not all persons have since been made aware of the pre-installed high magnesium content of a then-new form of high-temperature amassed-heat upon the firing of this new ultra heat release (being just North of 3000 degrees Fahrenheit) explosive military grade explosive.
    It was that necessary temperature that was absolutely essential to melt the massive steel girders that were attached to create the super-strong caged framework of each building.

    Of special interest and in comparison is how Building 7 collapsed in the same manner as had the Twin Towers.
    Somebody passed the word to Larry Epstein about the still intact undamaged number 7 building…. [that building was also set with the appropriate necessary computer linked and timed firing of the same type of embedded explosives] the simple reply from Larry Epstein was ‘pull” a pseudonym for firing a huge bank of linked explosive charges. (Also a term related in mining terminology)
    The leasehold owner of these 3 buildings (forget the reference to the other numbered buildings)


    Naturally, John Howard’s best mate George W…..being the then US of A President was in on the jig with his ‘poppa’ of taking down the Towers.

    So I hold a somewhat more accurate historical record of the former One-World One-Government espousing George Herbert Bush.
    Incidentally, my claims and statements were obtained via thoroughly researched post-demolition reports included another factual report delivered by General Wesley Clark who was let in on the 1998 plans already afoot for the Arab Spring military campaign.
    Though this set of invasion warfare plans was front-page printed with the advice at that time, not to be actioned until the final order is given.

    That order to proceed was given just after the 9/11 false flag destruction of America’s Twin Towers, of which became the trigger release for the invasion of Iraq.
    For all the flat-Earth theorists and non-fact-believers regarding this comment, best you purchase a full face helmet with a viewing window manufactured with its position set into the back of yon helmet.
    Thank you,

  2. max

    December 5, 2018 at 8:09 am

    At George Bush’s funeral and obituary “Here lies a great man,” said Paul Ryan, the Republican House speaker, and “a gentle soul … his legacy is grace perfected”.
    In a recent essay, Clinton declared of Bush: “I just loved him.”

    If WW2 had ended differently, if Germany had won and Hitler had just died .. what would his obituary be?

  3. Russell

    December 5, 2018 at 6:34 am

    This just shows what the USA represents, and that’s clearly demonstrated with their latest buffoon at the helm. Who cares as long as there’s money to be made?

  4. Lola Moth

    December 4, 2018 at 8:01 pm

    The Guardian is not the home of free expression it used to be. It is just as bad as the news outlets it portrays as narrow echo chambers. If you don’t agree with The Guardian view of a subject your comment will not be published. TT has become unique in allowing everyone to express an opinion regardless of how left, right, or bonkers it may be.

  5. max

    December 4, 2018 at 5:23 pm

    The Guardian’s Bush obituary plumbs new depths of sycophantic hypocrisy.
    George Bush and his son .. how many millions of deaths are they responsible for?

    The present deplorable refugee crisis in the middle east is the result of these two presidents and all we hear in the Bush obituary is how good he was. He was described at his funeral as upholding the high standard of America. How many millions of innocent people can one man be responsible for killing? Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot were condemned for their crimes against humanity, but because Bush was an American president we hear only the so-called good things.

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