A magical improvised choir will launch a marathon of music at Mona tomorrow.

The 42 day Mona Music Marathon presents a record amount of free performances for museum patrons this summer.

Mona Music Curator Brian Ritchie said the line-up is as weird and wonderful as you’d expect it to be.

“I challenge someone to find an instrument that won’t be blown, plucked or hit this summer at Mona,” Brian said.

“We are proud to support local and visiting artists by giving them a stage to play on and an audience to entertain. If you’ve never heard a swiss alpenhorn calling from the Void, a West African drummer banging ad infinitum, an Indian fiddle scraper or a Japanese bamboo blowing zealot—this is your chance.

“Mofo might be heading to Launceston but the party rolls on at Mona. For 42 days over summer there will be free concerts both inside Mona and on the lawns.”

All Music Marathon events are free and the public are encouraged to simply rock up and enjoy the show.

Artist details and performance times can be found on Mona’s website.

Mona’s 42-day music marathon website here