Mona and Mona Roma have unveiled a new ferry that features a private jungle, three bars, wallaby-fur-lined booths and a gold latrine.

Launched at Brooke Street Pier today, Mona Roma 2 (MR-II) will replace the smaller MR-0, increasing capacity and improving services for visitors to Hobart.

“We are proud to launch MR-II. It’s a $5.5 million ferry with capacity for 190, built by Richardson Devine Marine at Goodwood,” Navigators Director Michael Roche said.

“It has three bars and a full galley, and we’ll be taking on five additional staff to help run it.

Mona’s Director of Marketing and Communications Robbie Brammall said: “The new boat gives us a chance to try some fun new things.

“For around one month in summer we’ll be trialling a ‘flexi ticket’. This flexi ticket will mean there will be no need to book a departure time, allowing more opportunity for spontaneity.

“We’re also going to offer an ‘After Hours Five Buck Ferry’ which will leave Hobart at 7pm.

“So you’ll be able to cruise out to dinner at Mona’s restaurants, in a catamaran in the style of an evil billionaire’s lair, for less than an overpriced soy latte. Do it, there’s even a gold toilet.” Robbie said.

MR-II commences sailings this weekend.