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Basslink repeats: Cause unknown … !

The ruptured Basslink cable ...

Basslink repeats the 2015 sub-sea cable fault cause is ‘cause unknown’ – 20th Nov. 2018

“Cable Consulting International (CCI), the international cable experts appointed to independently investigate the cable failure that led to the December 2015 outage of the Basslink internconnector, recently completed a further independent investigation and report into the cable failure (CCI Report).”

“The exact cause of the subsea cable failure that led to the December 2015 outage of the Basslink

interconnector continues to be described as a ‘cause unknown’ by CCI, entirely refuting the

allegations made by Hydro Tasmania and the State of Tasmania.”

This latest Basslink media release and updates on the Basslink dispute can be found here:


Here you can read “Cause of Basslink cable outage finally revealed” on the  itnews website:


Clive Stott has spent a lifetime with various qualifications working on, amongst other things, AC, DC, HV and LV installation, protection, maintenance and fault finding. State top electrical apprentice; electrical practitioner and electrical contractor; paper industry; HV open-cut mining; HV transmission and supply; avionics; hospital engineering and biomedical engineering. Mr Stott maintains “cause unknown” is not an acceptable answer to our costly Basslink failure.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Kelvin Jones

    December 6, 2018 at 8:49 am

    This report is a halfway house. In my opinion it confirms my scepticism about the stances of Hydro, Basslink and the Tasmanian Government.

    From my research of official summaries of undersea cable failures, many are reported as “cause unknown or not determined”‘

    As I see it, the report does leave open the question of “external mechanical trauma” as a possible cause .. just as I have put forward in several articles in these columns.

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