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Australia’s Shameful Gift to Netanyahu

Australia and Israel are white settler states, established violently over the heads of the indigenous people, without the benefit of any treaty arrangement. ‘A land without people for a people without land’ was the Zionist lie. ‘Terra nullius’ was the Australian white settler equivalent.

Australian aboriginal ownership was collective and traditional. Palestinian ownership was collective, traditional and individual but in both cases, the land was stolen. How can the foundations of any state established on stolen land be said to be legal? What will white Australians say if someone comes along and takes ‘their’ country from them? ‘You can’t do this to us’?

The essential differences between Israel and Australia are numbers and hinterland. The land the white settlers called Australia was inhabited in the late 18th century by about half a million people. They had lived in this island continent and its small heart-shaped island off the southern coast, Tasmania, for more than 60,000 years, making the oldest recorded civilizations in the Near East look like newborns. They had their own languages, traditions, art, and oral history, the ‘dreaming,’ which is the most wondrous telling of the experiences of their ancestors …

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  1. William Boeder

    January 15, 2019 at 8:27 pm

    Russell, let you not believe that this Australian government is anything other nowadays but an Americabn stooge.
    The current Australian Federal Liberal government do not represent the people of Australia, nor do they care a dicky bird about the people of Australia.
    For any Liberal government minister to claim otherwise it necessitates that person must undergo a polygraph test.

    Oldies like myself have observed the ugly trending of the Federal Liberal leadership government since the time the rot had set in when John Winston Howard became Australia’s most traitorous Prime Minister, then what a despicable person he had ultimately become.
    Anyone with a best mate of George W Bush, well this would not be unlike sharing a cosy friendship with a starving Salt Water Crocodile.
    Australia’s Liberal government has since become another cash-cow to the US weapons of war manufacturing corporations. (The whole 47 of them.)

    Siding with the USA in the illegal US military invasions into the Arab State’s in a sequential manner, was kick started by the initiated false flag event, the demolition of America’s Twin Towers.
    The American Association of Structural Engineering Architects went on to conduct a stringent forensic examination and also carry out field tests upon the very same construction steel materials that had formed the skeletal cage and the horizontal support beams that had held these buildings in a tight-like framework.

    The end result was that only high content magnesium explosives can have created the melting point of these huge steel beams. To achieve this was via the installation of (during a closed off building maintenance program on each half of each building) a little known of newly developed military grade explosive that was capable of providing the necessary heat source capable of providing the source point superhigh temperature of 3,000 degrees.
    That is what destroyed the beams in those buildings, not the heat generated by the claimed penetrating aircraft and their jet engine fuels which collectively including the building interiors could only generate a heat just above 1000 degrees.

    So much for rogue Howards claim of Al Queda piloting jet planes in a terrorist attack on America soil.
    T’was the stuff of Hollywood and concentrated false imagery that was provided to every persons television set.

    One has to ask who pays for Australia’s military forces to be led on a leash by American rogue military commanders engaged in their unwholesome murderous overseas military missions?

    The false belief that America will always safeguard Australia is bullscitt, as this is not reflected in the US and Australia allied agreement.


  2. Russell

    December 22, 2018 at 6:28 am

    What an absolute disgrace!

    The Australian Government (via a tiny minority of its membership) shouldn’t be allowed to make such shameful, embarrassing and downright WRONG decisions without getting the express approval of a majority of the Australian public via a plebescite. Their behaviour is no less than that of a dictatorship.

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