David O’Byrne MP Shadow Transport and Infrastructure Minister  



  • Hobart’s growing congestion getting worse
  • Rockliff has no plan for cope with growth
  • Government failing to show leadership on traffic issues


Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, David O’Byrne, today slammed the Government’s failure to address Hobart’s growing traffic problems after another chaotic afternoon on the city’s roads yesterday.


“All it takes is a little rain and a crash on the Tasman Bridge and Hobart’s traffic goes into gridlock,” Mr O’Byrne said.


“The Government’s record on Hobart’s congestion is five years of laziness, inaction and abject failure.


“Minister Rockliff’s infrastructure agenda is taking two roads off Hobart City Council’s hands and a laughable pledge to start consulting on a Southern Outlet bus lane with no dedicated timeline.


“The Minister’s vision for a plan might be a good idea for an episode of Utopia but it doesn’t deliver anything for people trying to get home from work to their families.


“A vision for a plan is no substitute for getting on with the job.


“Hobart is growing quickly and the community deserves a Government who’ll step up to plate.”