Shadow Assistant Minister to the Opposition Leader (Tasmania), Senator Helen Polley says the Liberals looks set to end the year the same way they started it – lurching from one crisis to another.

This is a stark contrast to the Australian Labor Party, who have spent the last three days outlining a strong and unified policy platform which will serve the people of Tasmania well.

The last 5 years of chaos and cuts by the Liberal’s has included $4 billion ripped out of public hospitals. This has led to a crisis in our hospital system and has hurt some of the most vulnerable Tasmanians.

Labor created Medicare and at this National Conference committed to ending the health crisis in Tasmania and ensuring everyone in the community can access health services regardless of the size of their wallet.

Labor has a plan to restore funding to our hospitals; to lift the Medicare freeze; and we have to get soaring Private Health Insurance costs under control.

The Conference re-committed to restoring penalty rates for working people. Labor understands that when we stand up for working people, when we listen to business, we stand up for a fairer, more equitable, more inclusive Australia – and a more prosperous one.

Supporting early educators and TAFE were central to the National Conference so people regardless of their background can access a quality education to get ahead and get a job.

Labor also outlined a plan for affordable housing, committing to building 250,000 new units and houses for the most vulnerable, which will ease the housing and rental crisis in Tasmania.

After 5 years of policy paralysis from the Liberal’s and no action on climate or energy policy Labor’s plan is not only good for the environment it is also good for the economy, industry, households and families. It places Tasmania in a prime position to take advantage of renewable energy generation and be the battery of the nation. Tasmania can not only be a place of renewable energy generation and supply, it can also manufacture quality solar panels for global consumption.