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Victorian election to be won by Labor’s Daniel Andrews, polls predict on eve of vote

PHOTO: Despite smiles for the camera, an ABC radio debate between Daniel Andrews (left) and Matthew Guy (right) was a tense affair. (ABC News: Stephanie Anderson)

On the eve of the Victorian election, opinion polls predict Daniel Andrews will be returned as premier — but the Labor leader says he’s taking nothing for granted and the result will come down to a “handful of votes in a handful of seats”.

A Herald Sun YouGov/Galaxy poll showed the parties were neck-and-neck on primary support at 40 per cent each. The Greens had 11 per cent and other parties, 9 per cent …

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    November 23, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    It is a reflection of just how totalitarian corporate manipulation of public consciousness has become that anyone advocating a new coal fired power plant could win a Sunday afternoon soapbox debate in a public park, let alone a democratic election for anything.

    Mind you, it is a great shame that the only people who are really serious about saving our collective ecological necks also happen happen to be off with the ideological fairies when on about anything else. I have to swallow hard every time I think of voting for them.

    And that is the real conundrum. The environment should be a national front issue in the same way as it is when we go to war. But it isn’t, because all sides have adopted the same deregulatory and privatisation agenda that does exactly the same kind of damage to whatever kind of collective common weal it is aimed at.

    So what happens is that all sides point the finger at each other for exactly the same crimes against the commons as the other. Only the scenes of the damage are different.

    Matthew Guy accuses the Andrews government of being ‘soft’ on ‘law and order’ which is a horrible cliche underneath which is a perfectly sound truth that the ALP/Greens libertarian humanist ascendancy is into third generation deregulation of the social system and turned it to degovernanced mush that can no longer reliably social potty train its children. And it doesn’t seem to make any difference whether those children turn out to be a bank CEO like Ian Narev or that young gangster, Dylan Voller.

    Dan the Man accuses the Guy opposition of being a stooge for a lumpen coaletarit that thinks it has a free market sacred right to drown the environment in climate destabilising carbon dioxide that if it isn’t stopped will destroy capitalism itself, and take much of the human population and allied species with it.

    In some ways it is a Hobson’s choice between equally noxious Tweedle Dees and Tweedle Dums who offer us not merely a choice of socially and ecologically dysfunctional outcomes, but likely a Mad Max style endgame where we get both.

    In the meantime, this Saturday, I will hold my nose, think of suffering Jesus .. and vote Green.

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