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US Army Major On America’s Global War ‘To Infinity & Beyond’

Planet of War
Still Trapped in a Greater Middle Eastern Quagmire, the U.S. Military Prepares for Global Combat …

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  1. max

    November 24, 2018 at 1:20 pm

    War and the talk of war has plagued the human race ever since Cain slew Abel.

    America, with its need for war, is more often than not the aggressor. Its history of what it will do to involve itself in the pursuit of war doesn’t stand close scrutiny, and neither will its backing of allies.

    We have backed America in its unending wars. Pine Gap is an American spying station that in the event of a war against America will be the first target .. and it will bring the war to us.

    As we are a minor power, and our involvement in any war should not taken lightly. Subs and strike aircraft should be the last thing we buy. All military endeavours should be on defence and not attack.

  2. Kim Peart

    November 24, 2018 at 3:12 am

    Max asks “Why not sit on the fence as it could be all over in a blink?”

    The Australian mind-set, first with the British Empire, and now as a virtual vassal state of the United States relying on its military umbrella, there could be no sudden change to a Switzerland-like arrangement in the world. The US military presence, including Pine Gap, is way too deeply entrenched.

    We were on the ground in western New Guinea working with the Dutch to prepare the Papuans for democratic independence when the US forced the handover of this territory, the size of France, to Indonesia, even though the population was 99.999% Papuan. How could that happen? Does this nation care? The simple fact is, we are more of an economy than a nation, one which does not engage in grass-roots nation-building beyond a few burning issues. Unless it is possible to get serious debate happening where an alternative vision for Australia can be discussed, the status-quo of defence dependence on the US will continue.

    I found out rather brutally just how deep in the dreamtime this nation is when I organised a community meeting in Sorell on Saturday 28 April this year with a colourful invitation postcard being posted to all homes and businesses in the Prosser electorate, and advertised in the Tasmanian Times. Being close to Hobart, I thought there may be robust debate on a range of issues, including the grass-roots matters of our nation. Not one person came. So, what is going on in our society? A serving Senator told me that he had a similar outcome with a community meeting in the north of Tasmania when running in an Upper House election, even with the back-up of his party. Of all six meetings that I held around Prosser, a total of six people turned up, with no one at three of those meetings, and one person at two of them. How about that? ~

    So how would a debate even begin about turning Australia into a continental Switzerland? People responded to gambling money and a fear campaign over mandatory sentencing, driven by serving Liberals out there with the candidate. There is clearly no mood for civil debate, let alone change. People respond to the sledgehammer of money, and the power of established parties.

    The way out of this moral quagmire could lie in the direction that I describe in another article (see Link in my other comment in this thread). This could work if a dozen determined individuals shared the vision and beat the drum, and because there would be incredible economic benefits. Many nations are now ready and raring to go in this direction, and will reap the financial benefits. The outcome of this direction would also deliver a more peaceful world, and play a key role in dealing with environmental strife on Earth.

    I suggest that Australia now faces the prospect of vanishing like the Cheshire Cat, when push come to shove in negotiating a new world order to avoid all-out nuclear war. The reasons for this can be clearly identified, including the Japanese WWII experience when Australia was used as a land to fight back from, China’s need for resources, and an Eastern wish for a sphere of clear dominion and dominance. If China-Russia could establish an exclusive economic slice of the planet that runs from pole to pole, they will do so.

    So, is there any spark of democratic life left in this nation, or are we simply an economy, where people would accept passage to other Western nations, if that is the price for peace in a new world order?

  3. Kim Peart

    November 23, 2018 at 10:29 am

    In my TT article ~ World War ??? ~ I sketch out how a conflict could swiftly unfold to the beat of a pre-existing war plan ~ https://tasmaniantimes.com/2017/04/world-war/

    I wonder if a nuclear weapon might be used by the East as a warning of all-out nuclear madness to follow, along with a partial invasion of some locations, followed by an Eastern offer of negotiations for a new world order. I could see Australia ending up the biggest loser, just as West Papua was sacrificed to Indonesia to buy peace in 1962. I also suggest a way to achieve effective forward defence for Australia, which would take us into a future that the world is heading toward anyway, but then include Australia, rather than see this nation vanish to buy peace.

    If the East is angered it will play to win, and gamble on the West hesitating. If the West reacts, and will not negotiate a new world order, then we all lose in the nuclear madness that would follow. There has never been an all-out war between two or more world powers with nuclear weapons. Such a war would be nothing like WWI or WWII, but as Einstein said ~ “I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” That is, if there are any survivors.

    Will the suggestions in my TT article be debated, and considered, where Australia would be a world leader in peace, in the only way that peace could be delivered in the face of superpowers bristling with nuclear weapons? This is the debate of our age in which the fate of the Antipodes hangs in the balance.

  4. max

    November 22, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    America has never had president that was not in a war. Their whole economy is based on war.

    Should Australia continually to blindly follow them into unending wars? That is America’s future and it will be ours if we continually follow them.

    Although we have followed them into their unending conflicts at a great cost to us, there is no guarantee that they will come to our aid. We have been told by the US that we should not rely on their aid in a conflict.

    China and America are two nuclear super powers with policies of world expansion and perhaps ambitions of world dominance.

    The question that Australia needs to ask itself is .. should we become the meat in the sandwich or play Russian roulette and gamble on who will win? Why not sit on the fence as it could be all over in a blink?

    Instead of preparing for war we should be preparing for defence. We could become a formidable island to attack but not in the foreseeable future will we be able to attack a foreseeable enemy.

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