The Liberal Parteh is bending over backwards trying to explain why the fact that they have lost Wentworth and Victoria doesn’t mean that they are in for total annihilation at the 2019 NSW and Federal Elections.

Well-known Liberal supporter Anthony Green for example, and just about everybody else, said that the election was fought mainly on State issues and was all Mathew Guy’s fault.  At the same time, they also said that it was undoubtedly because of knifing the only decent man on their benches, but that the people, easily being fooled, would forget about that by the time the whirl of Christmas buying buying buying on overseas websites has sponged clear their memories.

The fact is that whether or not shooting a good man for their own ego-gratification had anything to do with the loss is irrelevant.  The reason for the loss is simple and I will put it here in VERY LARGE TYPE so that even CEOs, Liberal Leaders, and also that female Liberal politician who expressed the view that Labor voters were stupid, will be able to read, if not understand it.

What is happening is that the present Liberal Party leadership hates the people and the people hate them back

The Liberals have a very small party MEMBERSHIP composed of very OLD people and a party LEADERSHIP composed of very NASTY people.

For the past decade they have been making decisions that showed an utter disdain and contempt for the people of Australia and they have been allowed to get away with it because of an electorate that thought both sides were equally as bad and has just discovered they were shockingly mistaken.

The Leadership spill, a tussle between Ultra-Right-wing extremists and out-and-out-Nazis, showed beyond any doubt and far more than any Labor spill that the Liberal Leadership’s sole interest was their own ambitions.

But what they showed even more was that the party has been completely taken over by extremist ideologues.  The absolute insanity of almost half of the parliamentary party voting for a man, Dutton, who is unelectable and has more serious issues hanging over his head than the protagonist of the ‘The Pit and the Pendulum’, a man whose electors are shortly about to kick him so hard in the pants that he will have to remain standing for the rest of his life.

The only moderate Liberal left in Parliament, Julie Bishop, confirmed the electorate’s opinion that she was a decent person and not one obsessed by power and money by refusing to be any part of this government.

Scott Morrison believes that God will grant him a CEO spot in Heaven for whipping poor people.  In many ways it is a perfectly logical belief.  Has God, in fact, not risen Scott to fame, money and power for doing just exactly that?  The fact that traditionally it is not God who is supposed to be in charge of fame, money and power on this earth and that Scott is in for a nasty surprise when he tries to get an appointment with God escapes him.

It’s no longer about State issues or Federal issues.  It’s about how completely out of touch and morally bankrupt the entire Liberal party has become nationally.

In general, almost everyone of prominence in the party now confirms the theories of conspiracy theorists that the world is secretly being run by reptilian overlords.  Matthew Guy, who is supposed to be a moderate, although when Morrison calls himself a moderate this word is without meaning, still gives the impression that at any moment he will pull off his rubber mask and start devouring mice.

He offered the people cheaper fridges and televisions, because after all, everyone knows that poor people spend their whole time stuck in font of the TV instead of, and this is just an idea, oh, purely a suggestion, slaving at illegal low pay at three jobs for Matthew’s mates in order to put the half-sawdust bread made by Matthew’s mates in the months of their twelve children living in a shithole owned by Matthew’s mates.

A Labor Party that has finally got its head out of the sand enough to build a new Footscray Hospital that has been needed and neglected by both parties for over thirty years (Labour got a + 14.3% to it in Footscray.  I had been planning to unify every single minor party and independent to belabour this issue, but they drew our teeth) will easily win.

They may throw a lot of money at the wrong things, they may throw a lot of it at their developer mates, but at least some of it is hitting and sticking to needed infrastructure.  I don’t mind them blowing $200 billion on unnecessary roads; just give us our hospital  And I don’t quite understand why people hate Shorten.  Under his direction the Labor Party is at its best in thirty years.

ONE Liberal, the recent head of the Clean Energy Corporation (coal with a chimney filed with cigarette filters) actually got it.  Now Oliver Yates is certainly not any radiant intellect.  He was after all a CEO.  In one recent article (1) Oliver said: “”If we don’t address climate change and start to reduce our emissions, then it’s likely that billions of families could be forced to move home unnecessarily.” Oh my God Mr. Yates.  Do you think they might actually have to wash their Mercedes more often?   Or is this actually code for “Three million people in Australia and about 200 million in developed countries will become penniless Climate Change refugees by 2040 an it’s too late to do anything about it”.

But where Mt. Yates did not pull his punches was in an article pointing out that the Liberals risk following the Nationals into extinction[i], in fact the very point that I was planning to make in this article before he made it for me.  And personally I think it is inevitable.  Some other contender, like Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party for example, is going to put forward a nice moderate program, develop comprehensive policies, change its name, and take over.  That’s why Clive Palmer and any number of others are starting parties, folks.

But the person who actually saw clearest was my subcontinental taxi driver on Saturday when I asked him about Guy’s promises.  “I don’t actually have time to watch television” he said.  “Tell that man that people need houses.  And electricity.  And gas.  And good water, before they need fridges.”

The NSW and Federal elections will wipe out most of what still remains of the Liberal Party.


Thomas Kent is a composer, poet, photographer, artist, and an appointed Buddhist and Meditation teacher. As an organiser and professional writer, he has assisted multicultural communities with humanitarian issues for over forty years, and at present is working with Muslim and Buddhist leaders in Western Melbourne. In 2009 community leaders nominated him for the Premier’s Award for Multicultural Journalism. Tom attempted to retire from political writing when he turned 60, but the anger at humanitarian abuses that the powerful inflict on the powerless could not be suppressed. Though disabled Tom has released over 100 musical pieces in many genres and is now studying composition at university.