Michelle O’Byrne MP
Deputy Labor Leader


  • Disgraced Minister charges taxpayers for his unacceptable deception
  • Checked-out Hodgman allows Tasmanians to pay huge legal bill while he denies them a fair pay rise
  • Brooks needs to repay the legal bill he foisted on taxpayers to cover up his dishonesty

Taxpayers have forked out almost $60,000 to allow disgraced former Minister and millionaire Adam Brooks to repeatedly lie and deviously attempt to cover it up.

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said after the Premier revealed tonight that Tasmanian taxpayers had been forced to foot the $57,880 bill for Mr Brooks’ lawyers throughout an Integrity Commission investigation into his deception, he should now order it be paid back.

“This is a disgrace upon an unforgivable disgrace – and possibly just the beginning of the legal expenses that will be charged to taxpayers,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“This legal bill amounts to more than the average wage of a Tasmanian living in Mr Brooks’ Braddon electorate.

“This messy fiasco started with Mr Brooks blatantly lying to a Parliamentary Estimates Committee but that lie has been proven to be the first in a litany of lies.

“Why should Tasmanians pay for Mr Brooks to repeatedly deny he was lying only to be exposed to be an habitual liar – who blatantly misled the Premier, the Tasmanian public, the Crown Solicitor and the Parliament?

“It’s a disgrace that the Premier has allowed him to lie, accepted his lies and charge the Tasmanian taxpayer for the pleasure.

“It defies belief that the Premier and Mr Brooks would be so blatant. It requires Mr Brooks to now go into his Braddon community and explain to his constituents why he lied again and again and again.

“He must go into his community now and explain why they are forking out for his legal bills while families are struggling to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.”