THE Tasman Council will revisit amalgamation with the Sorell Municipality and will conduct
an elector poll before making a final decision.
In August last year the previous Tasman Council voted not to support a Local Government
Division recommendation to merge with Sorell and the following month, voted to abandon
any consideration of amalgamation.
Mayor Kelly Spaulding says following October’s local government elections, Tasman has a
new council and it wants to undertake a fresh and objective reconsideration of the issue in
order to fully understand community sentiment.
Cr Spaulding said at today’s meeting, Councillors voted to rescind the decision to abandon
consideration of amalgamation with Sorell and agreed to conduct an elector poll to gauge
the community’s view.
“We now have a new Council and it is important that we take the time to fully understand
and consider the pros and cons for a merger with Sorell,” he said.
“We see this as the responsible approach to reopen the discussion and to understand
exactly what our community wants. We can then make a more informed decision.
“In taking this approach, Councillors are being transparent and demonstrating that they are
listening to the community. We believe it’s the right way to ensure the public has its say on
the option before us.”
Cr Spaulding said while the numbers on Council now favoured amalgamation, Councillors
genuinely wanted to get the community’s view before making a final decision.
He said the Minister for Local Government Peter Gutwein had been advised and was very
supportive of Tasman undertaking the elector poll process.
The poll will be conducted by the Tasmanian Electoral Commission early in the New Year.