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Tas Gov slammed for cowardice over gender bill delay




Advocates have slammed the State Government for deliberately putting obstacles in the way of groundbreaking gender laws passed in the Lower House earlier this month.


Today, the Parliament rose without the Upper House having passed the reform, despite a majority of members privately indicating in-principle support.


Transforming Tasmania spokesperson, Martine Delaney, said,


“The Government has subverted the democratic process by fear-mongering about the legislation, conducting secretive briefings peppered with mistruths, refusing to allow members access to parliamentary drafters, dragging out the issue until there was little time left and then shutting down debate.”


“Because of its cowardice and prejudice, the Government would rather remain non-compliant with federal law regarding transgender forced divorce than risk the passage of the other urgent transgender reforms this bill deals with.”
“We are particularly disappointed because the Government’s cowardice will have the most devastating impact on transgender, gender diverse and intersex children and their families.”


“Their expectations were raised that they would now be treated equally, but the unnecessary delay sends a clear message that their safety and wellbeing is not valued by this Government.”


“We are disappointed but not daunted. We will fight for this legislation right up until Parliament returns because it is about our lives and our fundamental human dignity.”


Premier Will Hodgman has given Parliament a written commitment to allowing MPs access to parliamentary drafters to ensure there are no problems with the bill, and to a debate on the reform bill when Parliament returns next year.

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  1. Claire Gilmour

    December 1, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    I’m guessing this media release was written, mostly, by the big Green hand. It has all the hallmarks of such. This is political wheels in action, NOT truth in action in fairness for the public, let alone for women’s/girls rights.

    Women all over the world supported you in the “rainbow” right to marriage, but you used us, then abused us, for an underhanded agenda.

    To even suggest that REAL women be called cis-women (aka non-trans women) for a tiny minority, is ludicrous. Next you’ll be asking for legislative rights for free tax payer funded surrogacy to have children.

    There is a line in the sand that must be drawn lest you stop the real world spinning for a short term snapshot in ego-driven sexuality.

    Next thing you know, priests will be demanding rights to have sex with children .. as if it is some ancient thing to do.

    But anyway, congratulations. You and Cassy O’Connor have pretty much destroyed the Greens. Remembering, of course, that there are more females who generally vote Green than men. But perhaps the Tasmanian Greens’ leader is desperate for votes, and so she is turning to the men turning female votes!


  2. Melissa

    November 30, 2018 at 7:05 am

    Sucked in, Martine. You could have done the sensible thing and had the laws amended as per the agreement but no, you chose to try and sneak everything but the kitchen sink in while you thought nobody was looking. Typical of you lot .. give an inch and you take a mile. Well, look where it’s got you now.

    The first paragraph of your statement is a masterclass in projection too, btw. If you’re wondering what that means you could look it up in the dictionary, but if it’s not there I wouldn’t be surprised if it was also on the Duluth Wheel, too.

    • Kate

      November 30, 2018 at 10:43 am

      Those reforms were railroaded through the Lower House!
      It’s probably not a good idea to change ones gender on impulse without doing your homework first.

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