Michelle O’Byrne MP

Deputy Labor Leader


Premier staff member’s behaviour is a serious reflection on the Speaker

Hodgman won’t discipline Members of his government – will he reprimand staff?

A staff member from Premier Hodgman’s office who today attempted to browbeat and intimidate the Speaker of the House must be identified and disciplined.

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said in an unprecedented scene late this afternoon, the Speaker had addressed the House of Assembly saying she had been yelled at by a member of the Premier’s staff after she voted against the government’s attempt to shut down debate on the Adam Brooks scandal.

“The Premier has comprehensively shown today in the fallout of the Adam Brooks fiasco that he is too weak to discipline Members of his own government,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“Now that a serious allegation has been raised that a member of the Premier’s staff reflected on the Chair, the Premier needs to step up.

“Premier Hodgman must identify, discipline and reprimand this staff member who has attempted to intimidate Speaker Hickey.

“He cannot allow disrespect and bullying behaviour to continue.”