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Morrison invited to meet transgender people and their families

Advocates for gender law reform have invited Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, to meet transgender, gender diverse and intersex Tasmanians and their families.

The invitation comes after Mr Morrison tweeted that the gender reforms passed by the Tasmanian Lower House yesterday were “ridiculous”.

Transforming Tasmania spokesperson, Roen Meijers, said,

“We invite Mr Morrison to meet the people personally affected by this important reform because personal stories can change the hearts and minds, including the Prime Minister’s.”

“Transgender, gender diverse and intersex people have compelling stories to tell of stigma and discrimination, and as Prime Minister, Mr Morrison has a responsibility to hear these stories so he is fully informed.”

“We are happy to meet Mr Morrison anywhere anytime, and all we ask in return is that he comes to the meeting with an open mind.”

Roen Meijers highlighted the article in Monday’s Hobart by Candace Harrington, who wrote about the discrimination her transgender son, Callum, faces when seeking work because his birth certificate does not match his gender identity.

“Candace and Callum have a compelling story to tell, as do many transgender, gender diverse and intersex people and our families.”

“Already Candace and Callum’s story has resulted in letters to the Mercury from people who have changed their minds and now support birth certificate reform.”

In a tweet this morning Mr Morrison said,

“Labor’s plan to remove gender from birth certificates in Tasmania is ridiculous. Bill Shorten should step up and commit to put a motion to ALP Federal Conference to outlaw it.”

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Christopher Eastman-Nagle

    November 21, 2018 at 8:34 pm

    These days I have to occasionally remind myself that not all of the politics of ‘inclusion’ are ideological cliche encrusted crib, bluff and fudge for invasive sexual opportunists who want to wedge their way into the social mainstream with their narrow sectional interests in order to colonise it with their values and practices in ways that potentially threaten to further desecure an already destabilised and weakened reproductive infrastructure that wouldn’t dream of entertaining their off-the-wall sexual-political claims if it still had dentures and the will to defend itself, after a 50-70 year deregulatory and privatisation siege by the social and corporate agents of Indulgence Capitalism.

    For example, the real politics of ‘inclusion’ might be the infrastructure that has been put into our environment to enable disabled people to move freely in it. It has had all sorts of benefits for anyone with a bulky encumbrance of some sort, such as bicycles, pushers, prams, dolly wheeled platforms shopping trolleys and whathaveyou. Trip falls on steps and curbs have been significantly reduced. And a better health system means ever more people, who, while not disabled, are in frailer health for longer periods of their lives and now find it much easier to negotiate that environment.

    What was originally put in for a small minority has had much larger application, made significant overall improvements in safety and offered increased amenity across the entire society.

    It has been an expensive exercise, but I think most people now would regard it as money well spent for everybody, including the disabled.

    The same cannot be said for the transgen lobby. Instead of their gender dysphoria condition being the cause of inconvenience for a minuscule number of people who have a discrepancy between their birth record and their sexual impersonation/plastic surgeries, it’s the birth certificate that is to blame. What is being demanded is a complete rewrite of our birth ID system to move from biology to some imagined ‘gender identity syndrome’ that is not far removed from people thinking that they are Napoleon!

    I fail to see how such a Kafkaesque outcome could be ‘inclusive’, unless dragging everybody into the asylum counts as ‘inclusion’.

    Rather than indulge transgen fantasy history rewrites about the realities of their biology, what is on offer is an official register that would provide a legal regularisation of their irregular status for those who properly and reasonably qualify for it.

    Armed with the appropriate certification, no transgen is going to need to be asked an awkward question or answer it. What the hell is wrong with that?

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