Ella Haddad MP Shadow Attorney General

• Ferguson makes nasty, hurtful claims which will offend families
• Government clearly ripping itself apart over deep divisions
• Ridiculous comments from Minister require apology
Senior Hodgman Liberal Government Minister Michael Ferguson should apologise for his ludicrous comments today in relation to amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act.
Shadow Attorney General, Ella Haddad said every Tasmanian parent should be horrified by Mr Ferguson’s claim that children will be part of “social experiments”.
“Mr Ferguson is out of control and the Hodgman Liberal Government is ripping itself apart,” Ms Haddad said.
“What Michael Ferguson said today was disgusting.
“Frankly it’s sickening that Michael Ferguson continues to bring his right-wing, radical agenda into the Parliament to impose on Tasmanians like women seeking terminations and not able to access services, like the transgender and gender diverse community and it is time for this weak Premier to pull him into line.
“To be clear – the vote taken in the Parliament yesterday will have no effect on the vast majority of Tasmanians and no one is being forced to take sex off birth certificates.
“What this will do is have an enormously positive effect on the people who deserve to enjoy these rights just like the rest of us.
“The government is deeply divided over important issues like those around gender which were the subject of the government being defeated no fewer than 11 times on the floor of the House of Assembly yesterday.
“The amendments protect the rights of people who need it and will not diminish the rights of others.
“It was an example of the Parliament working as it should work and a Speaker upholding her commitments to vote independently, in this case after listening to each argument, while Members of the Hodgman Government behaved horrendously- and continue to do so today with Mr Ferguson’s appalling comments.”