• Tasmanians want tangible action – not more talk – around key infrastructure issues
• Lack of detail on congestion condemns Hobart to years of traffic chaos
• Tudge sneaks into town, hides from Tasmanians, leaves behind no detail
Tasmanians want tangible outcomes, not more talk, on the long-discussed City Deal for Hobart after the Morrison Government’s Cities Minister breezed in and out of the state today but announced exactly nothing.
Shadow Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said it was time for action from the Morrison and Hodgman Governments, particularly after major regional funding announcements for Geelong and the Gold Coast over the past fortnight but nothing for Tasmania.
“The Cities Minister Alan Tudge essentially snuck into town today with precious little detail about what plans – if any – are being discussed for Tasmania,” Mr O’Byrne said.
“Tasmanians deserve to know if crucial issues like public transport and traffic congestion were discussed and what solutions – if any – the Morrison and Hodgman Governments have.
“Clearly something is afoot but there has been no detail released about crucial future infrastructure funding for Tasmania.
“What are their plans for addressing increasing traffic congestion and a lack of public transport?
“What are their plans to investigate reopening the northern suburbs rail corridor?
“Is there a plan to address the housing crisis and a lack of public housing?
“What is the plan for Macquarie Point when Peter Gutwein is trying to ram through legislation which essentially seeks to remove Hobart City Council from the planning process?
“Will the government push ahead with plans to move the Antarctic Division from Kingston – a plan which will bring more traffic into the city?
“The fact is these challenges are not going away. The fact is Tasmanians deserve more detail and unless we see more substance on critical issues like congestion, Hobart motorists will be assigned another decade of traffic chaos.
“The fact is Tasmania continues to get a raw deal at the same time the Morrison Government has in the past two weeks announced major infrastructure funding for other regions like Geelong and the Gold Coast.”

David O’Byrne is Shadow Infrastructure Minister