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Learning to love gulls …

By Peter Puskic … Beach chickens, sky rats, chip thieves, and the bane of all picnics. With a reputation as infamous as this, it’s hard to love our gulls. For one, they’re not the most attractive birds, presenting a plain white plumage and an even more off-putting brown coat when in juvenile morph, these birds are nothing when compared to the bold blue display of our wrens or the speckled triumph of the pardalote. They don’t produce the most captivating call either, something stuck between a bossy toddler that didn’t get their way and my friends and I singing (screeching) ‘our song’ after too many drinks at the bar. But despite this badly dressed, poorly spoken bird, part of me is starting to fall for the humble gull. Maybe I’ve lowered my standards, maybe I’m into the trashy, edgy kind of bird, or maybe there is more to gulls than the negative stereotypes that we’ve imparted on our feathered friends …

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