Adam Burling, Sea Shepherd Australia media

As Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe arrives in Australia for a diplomatic visit to Darwin, Sea Shepherd calls on Japan to end the war on whales and to respect Australia’s territorial waters.

Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul Watson stated, “In 1942 Japan, in a sneak attack, viciously bombed the Port of Darwin killing 292 Australian citizens.That was 76 years ago but Japan continues to wage war on Australia in a different way. This time it’s a grab for resources using illegal fishing and whaling vessels.”
Captain Watson said, “Japan has demonstrated blatant contempt for Australians with their continued illegal whaling operations in the Australian Antarctic Territory. The Japanese say they do not recognize Australian sovereignty over the Australian Antarctic Territory. In 1942 they did not recognize the sovereignty of Australia itself.
Perhaps Japan could truly apologize for their shameful attack in 1942 with a statement of recognition of Australian sovereignty to the Australian Antarctic Territory and a cessation of illegal whaling in said territory.”

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