The former Mayor of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, Clr Michael Kent would like to set the record straight regarding the investigation report into the General Manager of the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council and his involvement with this investigation. There is much misinformation being circulated by various journalists, the current Mayor Debbie Wisby and former Councillor, Ms Jenifer Crawford.

Clr Michael Kent said:

“Firstly, the ABC has reported that in some way I have hidden the report. This is absolutely not the case.” 

A copy of the Integrity Commissions determination on the matter is attached. It clearly indicates that whilst there were a few minor issues it determined that the Council deal with the matter of private works within 6 months of the report, which is by January/February of 2019. The General Manager implemented a new internal policy with regards to private works in July 2018.  Councils Annual Report 2017-18 outlines in the Council’s corporate calendar work plan that the new Council is set to deal with this policy November 2018 – March 2019.

The review of many of the policies and plans that were due for this financial year have been delayed until the new Council was in place. This ensures that the new Council is comfortable with the strategic direction of Council for the next four years, including policy and financial goals.

Clr Michael Kent said:

“I would like the journalists to ask both Mayor Debbie Wisby and former Councillor, Ms Jenifer Crawford if they were originally aware of the investigation and whether they are aware of the integrity’s commission board determinations.” 

It is simply unethical that a well respected employee and his family have been conveyed in this kind of light where there is absolute no truth to the claims.  Simply poor politics. The General Manager was in fact providing employment in difficult times to contractors of Council who were guaranteed by Council certain hours per week . The evidence is that these were paid for at commercial rates.  The reporting of the circumstances by the media is completely wrong.

If there was any misappropriation or misuse of funds the report would have been tabled in parliament and would have surely made headlines like adverse reports into other Councils have been in recent times.

Clr Michael Kent said:

“Naturally Rosalie Woodruff would carry on about the report under parliamentary privilege to imply something under hand has gone on. I would expect nothing less. How can she be allowed to get away with saying the GM was spending Council money for personal use. What a load of rubbish!”

The Board determines that:

Investigation Weld (MM17/0159) Board determination

8 August 2018

In accordance with S58(2)(b)(i) of the Integrity Commission Act 2009 (IC Act), the complaint and the report of the investigation be referred to the Mayor of Glamorgan Spring Bay Council, as the principal officer of the relevant public authority, for action.

In accordance with  S58(2)(b)(ii) of the IC Act, the complaint and the report of the investigation be referred to the Auditor-General, as an appropriate integrity entity, for action.

In accordance with S58(3) of the IC Act , the referrals include the following recommendations :

Glamorgan Spring Bay Council

The Council of Glamorgan Spring Bay consider whether the establishment of private works accounts for Council employees is acceptable .

If private works accounts are acceptable, the Council establish a transparent and accountable system for the management and payment of such works, consistent with that applied to private works undertaken for the general public.

The Council review its compliance with the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council Enterprise Agreement 2015-18 in relation to the provision of uniform allowances for employees.


The Auditor-General consider investigating any other private works accounts for employees at Glamorgan Spring Bay Council.

The Auditor-General consider whether the issue of private works for employees presents as a financial management risk across the local government sector.

The Auditor-General review Glamorgan Spring Bay Council’s processes and segregation of duties in the use and application of credit notes.

In accordance with S58(4) of the IC Act, the Mayor and the Auditor-General must notify the Commission of any action taken or proposed to be taken, in relation to the report, within six months of the notice of determination.

Tabling of report of the investigation

The Board determines that the report of the investigation not be tabled in Parliament, but that an anonymised summary should be included in the Commission’s Annual Repo rt.