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House of Assembly Restoration Bill Select Committee

Cassy O’Connor MP | Greens Leader

While we believe the Liberals and Labor should have had the courage to debate the House of Assembly Restoration Bill 2018 today, we are realists.

To give both parties the space to consider their positions and give Tasmanians a say, the Greens today moved to refer House of Assembly Restoration Bill to a Select Committee. Our referral has passed Parliament.

The Liberals and Labor have taken the first step towards remedying the undemocratic travesty of their 1998 collusion to reduce the size of the Tasmanian Parliament.

The Greens remain steadfast in our commitment to a more robust Tasmanian democracy.

We look forward to the Select Committee hearing from former parliamentarians, members of the business and community sector, and, of course, all Tasmanians – those who have been most affected by the reduction in numbers to the House.

I am honoured to chair the Inquiry and commit to working with my parliamentary colleagues in the spirit of tripartisanship, and in the interests of a healthy democracy.

The Committee will report in August 2019.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John Hawkins

    November 22, 2018 at 8:09 am

    The shortage of members within the House means that those with any semblance of competence have multiple portfolios.

    So many, that nothing ever gets done.

    The cleverest is the Speaker who was frozen out by the boys.

    She is a constant threat to cronies in the boys’ club currently at the helm.

    Shelton and Co cannot get portfolios because they are totally useless, and hence a political liability.

    The size of State Parliament was cut to keep out the Greens.

    It worked.

    All at the expense of us all.

    Currently the incompetent hold the following portfolios which allows them less than 10 minutes per day on any given subject to master their complexity.

    Minister for Tourism, Hospitality and Events
    Minister for Parks
    Minister for Heritage
    Minister for Trade
    Will Hodgman MP Liberal 21 March 2018 incumbent 242 days

    Deputy Premier
    Minister for Education and Training
    Minister for Infrastructure
    Minister for Advanced Manufacturing and Defence Industries
    Jeremy Rockliff MP Liberal

    Minister for State Growth
    Minister for Local Government
    Peter Gutwein MP Liberal

    Minister for Health
    Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
    Minister for Science and Technology
    Michael Ferguson MP Liberal

    Minister for Justice
    Minister for Corrections
    Minister for Environment
    Minister for Arts
    Elise Archer MP Liberal

    Minister for Disability Services and Community Development
    Minister for Aboriginal Affairs
    Minister for Women
    Minister for Sport and Recreation
    Jacquie Petrusma MP Liberal

    Minister for Resources
    Minister for Energy
    Minister for Building and Construction
    Minister for Veterans’ Affairs
    Guy Barnett MP Liberal

    Minister for Primary Industries and Water
    Minister for Racing
    Sarah Courtney MP Liberal

    Minister for Human Services
    Minister for Housing
    Minister for Planning
    Roger Jaensch MP Liberal

    There is no hope.

    PS: I think Courtney is still Minister for Racing but has been relieved of Primary industries and Water which seems to have sunk without trace.

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