The State Government’s offer to teachers in today’s bargaining meeting for a new agreement was nothing more than recycled and repurposed election promises which offered no immediate and meaningful solutions to workload and left Tasmanian educators languishing on pay, the AEU said today.
“We are extremely disappointed by the government’s offer which is nothing more than repurposed and recycled state election commitments,” said Roz Madsen, AEU Tasmanian Branch State Manager.
“This is a smoke and mirrors exercise from the Government that has failed to put any meaningful proposals on the table that show it is serious about addressing workload in our primary schools, high school and colleges,” she said.
“Educators are left with little option other than to continue with the two-day stop work action as the Government is clearly still not listening to workload concerns that negatively impact the quality of education our students receive.”
“There’s pie-in-the-sky promises for primary teachers about more specialist teachers that has no detail and would not come into effect until 2020, which is too little too late for our students who need the extra support now.
“They’ve plucked a figure of 95 additional specialist teachers out of the air at the last moment and presented it with no detail about how or when they would be recruited; how they would be deployed and how they would actually reduce workload.
Other components of the offer that are unacceptable to educators are:
• No commitments to address class sizes
• Nothing to address principal health and well-being
• Nothing to better support new educators
• Nothing for secondary and senior secondary teachers.
• Any changes to primary instructional load would not take effect until 2020 – so no change to workload for 2019.
• The offer re-directs existing election commitments
• No movement on 2% pay offer meaning Tasmania’s most experienced teachers remain the lowest paid in the country.
“The Government had the opportunity today to put a meaningful offer on the table to progress negotiations but they instead chose to play games via the media and fail to bargain in good faith,” said Ms Madsen.
AEU members will attend 45-minute stop work meetings at 9am at one of 17 regional locations over two days. Stop Work Meetings in the North and North West will be 9am-9.45am, on Tuesday 27 November. Stop Work Meetings in the South will be 9am-9.45am, on Wednesday 28 November 2018.
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