Sarah Lovell MLC  Shadow Health Minister  

 Government’s crisis funds is a panicked and overdue reaction

  • Premier fails to answer what this funding will be used for
  • The Premier and Health Minister must start listening to experts


The Government’s fourth crisis health payment is a panicked and overdue reaction to the utter chaos unfolding in Tasmania’s hospitals.


Shadow Health Minister, Sarah Lovell, said the funding would not fix the health crisis.


“Here we see a panicked funding injection which is just a short term fix and doesn’t go anywhere near to addressing the problems in the long term,” Ms Lovell said.


“We have many unanswered questions that the Premier failed to answer in Parliament today including who the Government consulted with before announcing this funding, what exactly the funding will be used for, will it be used to employ more staff?


“The Government has known about this chronic funding shortfall since it received the KPMG report 18 months ago, so why did it take so long to act?


“The Premier and Health Minister must start listening to experts including the Australian Medical Association President John Davis who has described overcrowding at the Royal Hobart Hospital as the worst it has ever been.


“He described the Government as “Ill-equipped” and with “no backup plans”.


“Yesterday, 11 ambulances were queued at the Royal Hobart Hospital. The closest available vehicles for emergency calls in Hobart were Nubeena and on the east coast.


“Night shift crews arrived for work with no vehicles available as they were all queued outside the Royal Hobart Hospital, and seven staff worked between 12 and 14 hours with no break.


“This is totally unacceptable and we need to know that this new funding be used to fix the crisis and isn’t just a band-aid approach.


“The fact that the Premier continues to stand by Tasmania’s worst ever Health Minister reveals just how weak his leadership has become.”