Labor Leader Rebecca White
• Parliament suspended as government plays games rather than governing
• Hodgman Liberals in chaos as Parliament shuts down
The Hodgman Liberal Government is today in chaos as the Parliament has shut down.
Labor Leader Rebecca White said on Transgender Remembrance Day the government was playing games with law reform that would improve the lives of gender diverse Tasmanians.
“The changes to marriage amendments which were to be debated today were
were minor and administrative in nature but most importantly, they will protect the rights of Tasmanians who are often the most marginalised in our community,” Ms White said.
“Speaker Sue Hickey today took a principled stand and voted against the government which tried to limit debate on these important amendments.
“By scaremongering and refusing to stand up for our diverse community – and allowing his Attorney-General to run a shameful argument against these important changes – the Premier has plunged the Parliament into chaos.