Michelle O’Byrne MP Deputy Labor Leader  
  • Scandals around Brooks and Courtney appallingly handled by Hodgman
  • Lame duck Premier letting Ministers walk all over him
  • Hodgman has no authority, no influence, no control over Cabinet

Premier Will Hodgman must come clean with Tasmanians and state whether he intends to see out the next three years in office after clearly losing control and checking out of government.

Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said it was clear Premier Hodgman had lost interest in even trying to efficiently or effectively lead Tasmania in the wake of scandals involving his former Ministers Adam Brooks and Sarah Courtney, allowing his Ministers to create crisis after crisis and losing control of the Parliament.

“Premier Hodgman has been presented today with clear and stunning evidence that Adam Brooks undertook a program of deceit and lies to try and save his political skin – but he is prepared to all but ignore that and barely discipline his former Mining Minister,” Ms O’Byrne said.

“Premier Hodgman has been handed clear, compelling proof that Ms Courtney breached the Ministerial Code of Conduct – but rather than act against her, he has rewarded her with another Ministerial job.

“Premier Hodgman has allowed Michael Ferguson to deliberately run down the health and hospital system to the point of unprecedented crisis and he has allowed Peter Gutwein to bully public servants to the point of industrial action.

“Premier Hodgman stood by aimlessly as his government lost an important vote on the floor of the Parliament when the Speaker crossed the floor 11 times.

“Premier Hodgman has thrown his hands in the air and indicated strongly to Tasmanians that he has lost interest, cannot show leadership and checked out.

“Now is the time not only for leadership but for honesty – does he intend to stay on as Premier in the foreseeable future or is Treasurer Gutwein lined up to step in and take over?”