Rebecca White MP  Labor Leader  
  • Premier has allowed right-wing radical agenda to dominate
  • Asleep-at-the-wheel Hodgman has failed to show leadership
  • Terminations issue tip of the iceberg for chaotic government

After a horror week in State Parliament, Premier Hodgman needs to finally show some leadership and stand up to the extreme right wing element of the Liberal Party.

Labor Leader Rebecca White said the Speaker Sue Hickey’s call today for the Hodgman Government to finally do the right thing and reinstate accessible and affordable termination services for Tasmanian women further exposed the bitter divisions in the Liberal Party.

“The government is being crippled by bitter division lead by the radical right wing of the Liberal Party,” Ms White said.

“If Will Hodgman can’t manage his own party, how can he manage the State? “Important issues like access to safe and legal termination services should never have been allowed to get to this point but it has because of Will Hodgman’s weakness in failing to stand up to the influence of the radical right led by Michael Ferguson.

“It’s beyond appalling now that Michael Ferguson has been allowed to impose his radical right wing agenda on Tasmanians like women seeking terminations and the transgender and gender diverse community.

“While the Premier has been asleep at the wheel, the vindictive and nasty element of his party has been allowed to dominate the agenda.”