• Almost a year since termination services withdrawn – and still no guarantee from Ferguson or Hodgman
• Liberals also now two weeks beyond delivering what they promised
• Health Minister just not to be trusted with important health services
Health Minister Michael Ferguson has now allowed the lack of termination services in Tasmania to drag on for almost 11 months with his shameful refusal to put the provision of important medical procedures ahead of his personal beliefs.
Shadow Health Minister Sarah Lovell said it was beyond shocking that Premier Hodgman had allowed Mr Ferguson to fail in his duty to deliver a safe and legal termination service for almost a year with still no information about when a promised new service would begin.
“Michael Ferguson’s broken promise on delivering a service in October is still forcing Tasmanian women to travel interstate at considerable inconvenience and cost,” Ms Lovell said.
“Premier Hogman is too weak to stand up to his Health Minister and is complicit in standing by and doing nothing about Mr Ferguson’s inaction and broken promises.
“There is no legitimate explanation other than Michael Ferguson has allowed his own well-versed opposition to abortion to come before providing services.
“The fact is Tasmania has historically been at the nation’s forefront of providing this legal medical procedure.
“The fact is there has been no genuine effort on Michael Ferguson’s part to reinstate services since last December.
“This is a shameful and shocking act by a Health Minister who’s legacy will be characterised by arrogance, dishonesty and inaction.”