Advocacy group, Transforming Tasmania, says there is no need for an inquiry into proposed gender law reforms and has called on the the State Government to stop trying to delay and allow a free vote on the issue.

Transforming Tasmania spokesperson, Roen Meijers said,

“Based on a report from the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in 2016, political and community stakeholders have been working closely together for many months, are on the same page and have the same objectives.”

“There is strong resolve about removing discrimination against transgender and gender diverse people, and agreement about how to achieve this overdue reform.”

“We urge the Government to stop trying to delay the reform and allow a conscience vote instead.”

“These reforms are about people, not politics.”

The Government has repeated its false claims the reforms have been “secret” and “rushed” and that the Government bill in which they should be included is “unrelated”.

Mx Meijers said there is nothing secret, rushed or inappropriate about the current law reform move.

“We have been talking to all three parties and to the general public about these reforms for more than half a year.”

“They fit perfectly within a bill that is about removing outdated legal obstacles to the affirmation of gender identity.”

Roen Meijers is Transforming Tasmania spokesperson