Mayor Albert and his merry band had their Teflon coating severely damaged as the second half of their votes rolled in to Electoral Commission’s York Park counting centre. Early on it all looked hunky-dory with minor collateral damage.

However, after the 50% mark in the count the Teflon showed serious signs of wear and tear with the weak spots really starting to show.

Mayor Albert’s tussle with Alderman Janie was fast and furious from the get go despite Alderman Janie’s impassioned assertions that she was the woman for the job. However, just getting too few votes to get a second chance to prove it was her problem.

Apparently Lonnie’s voters have quite long memories and long enough have enough of what it takes recognise ‘schtick’ for what it is even when it is dressed up as heartfelt, deep and meaningful rhetoric. But there we go, the people have spoken!

Mayor Albert and what’s left of his merry band of reliable and compliant henchmen have been off to the repair shop for a bit of a spruce-up and a Teflon respray. With a little walk in the park to refresh his vision Mayor Albert with an adjustment or two he was off to his spin-doctors at Town Hall to pick up his media repair kit. A tuck here, a pleat there, a new bobble over there and off we go to the in the political blue suit with today’s blue shirt and stripy tie. No hard hat and high-vis required today. All dusted down out comes the vision almost everything is as good as it was just a little while ago.

Since it’s a four year term now, and a brand new one too, memories are fading quite quickly and as for aspirations, well they can be rejigged around fading memories plus some new and retouched perceptions. Of we go to do it as we always did again.

So Mayor Albert has strutted his stuff, hinted at enough of this or that to get him out of trouble, hopefully, down the track. It’s also been early enough before the upcoming Council Installation for the air to clear and for the new members to become awe inspired enough to roll over on command for a tummy tickle.

Life is actually fantastic and really really simple.

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