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Arab states fear Khashoggi case could trigger regional instability
Saudi Arabia is the “pillar” around which the Arab relationship with the United States is anchored, said one official. Arabs in the region worry that Iran will see an opportunity to exploit the fallout from the Saudi journalist’s killing.
By Karen DeYoung and Souad Mekhennet  •  Read more »

Trump says Saudis engaged in ‘worst coverup ever’
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced that the United States is revoking visas for the Saudi men accused of killing journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.
By Kareem Fahim, Tamer El-Ghobashy, John Hudson and Chico Harlan  •   Read more »

Turkey’s leader seeks to weaken Saudi Arabia’s powerful crown prince
President Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed deference to Saudi King Salman in his speech, but made no mention of his son in an attempt to drive a wedge between the king and the crown prince, whom Erdogan considers a threat to Turkey’s interests and ambitions, analysts said.
By Kareem Fahim  •   Read more »

‘In the service of whim’: Officials scramble to make Trump’s false assertions real
From a nonexistent tax cut to unproven claims about a migrant caravan, the machinery of government whirs into action to reverse-engineer evidence for the president’s claims.
By Philip Rucker and Ashley Parker  •   Read more »

How the migrant caravan became so big and why it’s continuing to grow
As the group grows, its beginnings are being scrutinized: How did more than 5,000 migrants from across Central America find one another? The answer from many migrants is that they had wanted to leave for months or years, and then — in a Facebook post, a television program, a WhatsApp group — they saw an image of the group and decided to join.
By Kevin Sieff and Josh Partlow  •   Read more »

Trump officials bypass appeals process to get issues before conservative Supreme Court
Justice Department lawyers are increasingly looking to the justices to overturn what Attorney General Jeff Sessions says are overzealous lower-court rulings.
By Robert Barnes  •   Read more »

All the reasons the migrant caravan is totally a national emergency
By Dana Milbank  •   Read more »

Democrats, beware
By Karen Tumulty  •   Read more »

The tea party owes Mitch McConnell an apology
By Marc Thiessen  •   Read more »

Low-income women’s access to contraception is under attack
By Kathleen Sebelius  •   Read more »

The immigration conversation we need to have — and soon
By Megan McArdle  •   Read more »

What Erdogan didn’t say about Jamal Khashoggi may matter more than what he said
By Editorial  •   Read more »
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One winning ticket sold in $1.6 billion Mega Millions jackpot
The record-setting jackpot, which drew an unprecedented level of interest, will go to someone in South Carolina. The winning numbers were 5-28-62-65-70, with a Mega Ball number of 5.
By Fred Barbash  •  Read more »

Apple’s Tim Cook delivers a searing critique of Silicon Valley
Cook lamented poor privacy practices, the ills of social media and eroding trust in his industry, warning that they threaten to undermine technology’s potential to take on diseases and climate change.
By Tony Romm  •   Read more »

Pentagon launches first cyber operation to deter Russian interference in midterm elections
U.S. Cyber Command is targeting Russian operatives, warning them that the military is tracking their activities in an attempt to deter them, according to defense officials. Experts are split on how effective the measures will be.
By Ellen Nakashima  •   Read more »

‘I thought it was very nice’: Senior VA official hung portrait of KKK’s first grand wizard in his office
David J. Thomas Sr. said he was unaware of former Confederate general Nathan Bedford Forrest’s affiliation with the hate group and removed the painting after offended employees began signing a petition.
By Lisa Rein  •   Read more »

Blue-collar men are riding America’s economic wave. Women? Not so much.
Men hold most of the well-paying jobs that don’t require college degrees.
By Danielle Paquette  •   Read more »

World Series | Game 1
Red Sox beat the Dodgers after an aces’ duel gives way to a bullpen chess match
Starters Chris Sale and Clayton Kershaw were long gone by the time Red Sox third baseman Eduardo Nunez broke the game open with a three-run home run in the seventh inning of Boston’s 8-4 win.
By Dave Sheinin  •   Read more »

White nationalist Richard Spencer accused of physically abusing his wife throughout their marriage
Spencer’s wife, Nina Koupriianova, made the claims in court filings related to their divorce. Spencer said he disputes many of her assertions.
By Eli Rosenberg  •   Read more »