In the United States, authorities have intercepted explosive devices mailed to former president Barack Obama, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the headquarters of news network CNN and several high-profile Democratic politicians.

In a statement, the US Secret Service said it had begun “a full scope criminal investigation that will leverage all available federal, state, and local resources to determine the source of the packages and identify those responsible”. Former US attorney-general Eric Holder, investor George Soros and Democratic representatives Maxine Waters and Kamala Harris were also targeted.


“In the past decade, DNA ancestry testing has grown into a $500 million global industry. With just a cheek swab, testing companies offer to trace your ancestry back generations and across continents. But as the direct-to-consumer testing has boomed, scientists have become increasingly concerned about its methodologies and accuracy.”

“I’d been around heavy cannabis users for years – bogan boys with bongs in fist day and night – but had never been interested. My new friends smoked differently. In circles at parties, listening to Led Zeppelin and Black Flag. Or talking. About interesting things. And laughing. I loved cannabis: there was no vomiting and no hangover. Music sounded incredible. Food tasted incredible. A touch, a kiss. Incredible.”

“Over two weeks late last spring, the weather was unseasonably foul on the southern parts of the Great Barrier Reef. For the scientists and volunteers working there, intense winds made boat trips and diving challenging. Nonetheless, they persevered, buoyed by their belief the largest reef system in the world is worth saving.”

“This week marks one year since members of the media were tipped off about the Australian Federal Police raids on Australian Workers’ Union’s offices, yet we still aren’t any closer to finding out exactly what happened.”

“AWU national secretary Daniel Walton told BuzzFeed News the union has gone to great lengths to get answers. ‘On top of legal resources, we have been forced to hire private investigators to track down individuals and issue subpoenas’, Walton told BuzzFeed News.”

“Robyn’s charted an adventurous path throughout her career, straying far from straight-ahead pop and toward varying strains of dance music, from flashy freestyle to cavernous dark disco. Navigating the less publicised corners of her impressive catalogue can be a bit difficult without a primer on hand – which is exactly why we made one.”