Prime minister Scott Morrison will issue a national apology to victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse today.

More than 1000 people, including former prime minister Julia Gillard, will be in Canberra for the apology, which was recommended by the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse last year. Morrison will commit to annual reports for the next five years on progress in implementing the royal commission’s recommendations, as well as a national museum and place of remembrance.


“Each of the 15 people interviewed for the report was profoundly cleaved, their sexual and religious identities at war. Each spoke of conversion therapy’s insistence upon their ‘brokenness’, and of their mistaking the inefficacy of it for their own incurable sinfulness. It dangerously compounded their self-hatred.”

“It was in the early 1970s at Papunya that the fortuitous conjunction of a highly strung young schoolteacher, some senior Aboriginal lawmen, and a plan to paint a school mural gave rise to what became the Western Desert painting movement. The story of Geoffrey Bardon and the canon of first-generation desert painters is part of our Indigenous art history.”

“Half of all marine vertebrates gone in 40 years. A third of large fish in Australian waters gone in the past decade. Ninety per cent of the world’s fisheries already at their limits or beyond. These figures speak to a reality few want to acknowledge, and the decline is made even more shocking by the fact that it has taken place so rapidly.”

“Scott Morrison has told the Liberal Party it must own the disastrous Wentworth by-election result, saying it paid ‘a big price’ for its latest leadership coup … ‘The Liberal Party has paid a big price tonight for the events of several months ago’, he told the party faithful.”

“Josh Frydenberg has insisted the government’s climate policies are ‘settled’ despite acknowledging the issue was a factor in the Wentworth byelection, where the government suffered a battering on Saturday night. Frydenberg brushed aside suggestions the Morrison government needs to overhaul its climate action policies, saying its suite of existing measures were enough to ‘meet and beat’ Australia’s emission reduction pledges.”

“As conservationists, they decorated almost exclusively with secondhand furniture. The large closets – ‘the biggest I’ve had in my life’, Sinclair said – have enough storage space for the craft materials she uses for her feminist tableware line,”