– Museum exhibition

– Parliament monument unveiling

– Premier of new play


The next few days marks the 30th anniversary of the gay law reform arrests at Salamanca Market in 1988 and the birth of the modern Tasmanian LGBTI human rights movement.


To commemorate, a series of events are planned that reflect on how far Tasmania has come since the arrests occurred and how far it has yet to go. These include,


~ TMAG exhibition (from today until September next year)


Today sees the opening of a new exhibition on the history of Tasmanian LGBTI human rights activism from 1998 until last year’s postal survey, at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in Hobart. The exhibition titled “We’re Not Going to the Mainland”, includes historic photos, documents, objects and audio-visuals. It opens today, October 19th, and continue will continue to September 1st 2019.


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~ Unveiling of new commemorative monument at Parliament House (3-5pm Saturday)


Tomorrow afternoon there will be a celebration on Parliament Lawns featuring speeches, music and the unveiling of a special monument to Tasmania’s LGBTI achievements. The event, from 3-5pm tomorrow, Saturday October 20th, will feature speeches from leading campaigners and community figures, including Christine Milne, Lara Giddings, Sue Hickey, Nick Toonen, Martine Delaney, Lee Gwen Booth, Eva Ruzicka, Rodney Croome, Sam Watson and Police Commissioner, Darren Hine, as well as music from LGBTI Tasmanian singer-songwriters like Monique Brumby and Peter Hicks. A change of name for the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, which was formed in 1988, will also be announced. The unveiling will be at 5pm.


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~ Play premier (from Tuesday until Nov 3)


Tuesday will see the opening of “The Campaign”, a new play by Campion Decent about the Tasmanian gay law reform campaign between 1988 and 1997. “The Campaign” will premier at the Peacock Theatre on Tuesday evening, October 23rd at 7.30pm and run until November 3rd.


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Other events include,


~ “Dance Like it’s 1988” at Flamingoes Dance Bar from 7-10pm on Saturday night


~ A fundraising movie matinee at TMAG from 2-5pm on Saturday October 28th featuring silent, gender-fluid, Tasmanian Hollywood classic, “Jewelled Nights”.


~ A reception at Government House on October 31st.