Deloitte report shows bleak outlook for Tasmania’s economy

  • Tasmania joins Northern Territory in the underperforming category
  • Report highlights lack of economic reform achievements or economic plan


Tasmania has the nation’s slowest growing economy, according to today’s Deloitte Access Economics Business Outlook.


While the report outlines the positive global and domestic economic conditions that have given Tasmania an economic boost, it shows how the state continues to underperform the rest of the nation.


Shadow Treasurer, Scott Bacon, said the Government had ridden a wave of favourable global economic conditions but failed to deliver a single economic reform.


“The Hodgman Government has been minding the store while external economic factors, like the lower Australian dollar, have boosted the local economy,” Mr Bacon said.


“Tasmania’s economy continues to lag behind the rest of the country and is now firmly in the underperforming category along with the Northern Territory.


“The lack of any economic reform achievements or economic plan is highlighted by today’s report.”