Tasmanians have no say on Macquarie Point for next five decades as visionless plan rammed through

  • Tasmanians have no chance to provide feedback on Macquarie Point plan
  • New masterplan abandons original Mona vision
  • Legislation granting Minister new powers rammed through Parliament less than 48 hours after released

Labor is concerned that Parliament has been given less than 48 hours to consider legislation that will literally shape Macquarie Point for the next 50 years and beyond.

Labor Shadow Minister for Economic and Regional Development Anita Dow and Shadow Minister for Planning David O’Byrne expressed concern Tasmanians had not been given a say on the new Macquarie Point masterplan.

“It is galling that after four and a half years of inaction the Government wants to grant itself powers to ram through a new masterplan which was released just a few days ago,” Ms Dow said.

“The Bill before the Parliament today gives the Minister for State Growth authority to change the planning scheme to align with the new masterplan.

“There is no requirement to listen to public feedback and no rights of appeal.”

Mr O’Byrne said Labor is concerned that the new masterplan abandons the original Mona vision.

“Mona’s proposal to transform Macquarie Point into a cultural precinct inspired the public and created excitement about what the site could become,” he said.

“There has been no groundswell of public support for the masterplan released this week by the Macquarie Point Development Corporation, which more closely resembles the uninspiring 2014 masterplan.

“The Government needs to explain why it is rushing this legislation through when it has done nothing for four and half years.

“Tasmania gets one chance to get this right. If we lock down the latest proposed site plan and abandon the planning process, leaving the power in the hands of one Minister could mean that we make the biggest mistake on the planning of our capital city since European settlement.”