The following may be used as direct quotes from Ms Kym Goodes, CEO, TasCOSS:


  • This proposal lacks any understanding of what employers or job-seekers needs are in working in seasonal, rural and agricultural settings.


  • The Tasmanian Government, TCCI and TasCOSS are working in partnership on the Jobs Action Package to ensure employers and job-seekers can work together to look at local solutions to address skill shortages in agricultural, horticulture and other seasonal work.


  • This partnership acknowledges there is no quick solution and we don’t need headline grabbing, shallow responses that aim primarily at stigmatising people who are currently looking for a job.


  • There are a range of challenges for people in taking up agricultural jobs outside of city centres, not least of which is transport and affordable accommodation.


  • When you are living on Newstart it is virtually impossible to afford transport into rural areas as the per ticket cost is far higher than in city centres.