Due to industrial action by the Australian Education Union this Wednesday 24th October, 65 schools will be closing earlier than usual.

Student safety remains the government’s primary concern.

I have been guided by advice from the Department of Education on the impacts of staff leaving the workplace to attend stop work rallies on the safety and wellbeing of students.

The industrial action being taken by the AEU is disappointing, considering the government has listened to their concerns and is employing 250 additional teachers in our schools over the next 6 years. These additional teachers will significantly improve current teacher workload.

Further the government is offering a wage increase of 2% per annum, which is fair, and affordable and enables us to continue to employ more teachers.

While it is certainly the preference that all schools remain open for a normal day on 24 October, there are 65 schools where safety cannot be guaranteed at this stage. A list of schools closing early and closure times are available HERE (This is the actual link https://www.education.tas.gov.au/about-us/alerts/)

Individual schools will be communicating the early school closing times and any further updated information to parents from this afternoon through normal school communication channels.

Parents and carers will be required to ensure that children are collected at the new closing time from those schools that are closing earlier than usual.