A powerful cartel of business interests now controls National Parks policy in Tasmania.

Following a decade of “open to development” Government policy our National Parks are now littered with dozens of private developments, the most profitable of which have been bought by a single business such as Federal Hotels or similar.

This business cartel is now unstoppable. It completely dominates and controls Government policy on National Parks, in the same way the gambling cartel now controls social policy in Tasmania.

This cartel now determines where the next resorts will be built in our National Parks and how much taxpayers money will be spent in support of these developments.

This cartel now determines who is allowed to visit our National Parks and how much they have to pay for the privilege.

This cartel contributes no money towards the maintenance of our National Parks, which is all paid for by Tasmanian taxpayers. The cartel exists to channel public money to private profit.

The Mount Wellington Cable Car is just one of many such private developments which together go towards the takeover /privatisation of Tasmanias National Parks.

The end result is inevitable.