Grand opening of Inala’s Photographic Bird Hide

Please join us as we launch a unique and exciting new addition to the Inala Conservation Reserve on South Bruny Island, Tasmania.

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This launch is on the final day of the Bruny Island Bird Festival ( 19-22nd Oct ) Inala is one of the three partners of the Festival with BirdLife Tasmania and Bruny Island Environment Network

 Join us to officially open the hide with owner and manager Dr Tonia Cochran and photographer, wildlife ecologist and good friend of Inala, Chris Tzaros, cutting the ribbon.

Date: Monday 22nd October

Time: 10.30am

Location: Meet at Inala ( 320 Cloudy Bay Road, South Bruny )

After the opening and short speeches, you are welcome to explore inside the hide and if we haven’t all made too much hullabaloo, there will hopefully be some beautiful birds to view.


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Our Photography Hide adds a new dimension by which we can observe and marvel at the incredible birdlife of Inala.  Over the course of the last 15 years, owner Dr Tonia Cochran and her team have established the trust and provided a safe environment for the local raptors to eat the sad abundance of roadkill that we relocate from the road to the centre of the viewing field (after we have checked the pouch for orphaned young).

To increase awareness of these amazing creatures, the Inala team trialled a variety of hides from which to view the birds with minimal impact. A viewing hide with one-way glass was built first, and the photography hide was then added once we were assured that the raptors continued to be relaxed and behaved naturally in its presence over several successful years.


As well as ensuring the peace and safety of the birds, we wished to provide a world class hide to enable photographers to take high quality images of the birds at close range. We designed and positioned the hide with consultation from several professional photographers.  A skilled local builder (also a birder) built us the bespoke design and we sourced high calibre photographic glass from overseas (it is not available in Australia).

The result is a brand-new addition to the Australian Birding Market and provides an opportunity to observe and obtain high quality photographic images of these amazing birds in an ethical and non-disruptive manner.


From the hide you can sit in comfort and warmth with your camera, your laptop and your cup of fresh coffee while you wait for the birds to come and go. We have made good use of the space inside to ensure you can use a tripod if you wish, or alternatively use the specially designed shelf to rest your lens. This hide has been thought through carefully to suit the needs of both birders and photographers. The hide has also been designed to be accessible for wheelchairs.


The birdlife at Inala is world-famous and we have an incredible selection of raptors living and breeding nearby.  From the photography hide you may see (depending on the time of year): White-bellied Sea-eagle, Wedge-tailed Eagle, Swamp Harrier, Grey Goshawk (white morph), Brown Goshawk and Brown Falcon. Whilst raptors are a focus, there are many small birds flying by and feeding in the open field.  We have also installed a unique custom-made mossy table and bird bath at eye-level outside the hide where small birds such as robins, wrens and thornbills come and go throughout the day.

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