Publication Date: 14 August 2018
Title: Payback
Author: Izaz Khan

A CIA agent gone rogue… A mass slaughter… A man’s quest for justice to avenge his family… Pay Back is set to take readers on an action-packed ride.

Cory, a part-Aboriginal, is working as a lawyer in Parramatta when he gets a call that shatters his life. His family is dead—casualties of a mass slaughter in his settlement of Santa Maria, near Alice Springs.

Desperate for answers, Cory flies to the Aboriginal settlement he was raised in, only to discover the police are restricted to investigate the deaths of his family. By chance, Cory runs into ex-ASIO agent Martin Hogan, who becomes a friend and knows exactly who’s responsible for the slaughter. A rogue ultra-racist CIA agent named Burt Benson. With the police refusing to bring him to justice, Cory promises the Aboriginal elders that he will hunt down Benson himself to face Aboriginal tribal justice. Luckily for him, Hogan offers to help so that Cory will stand a better chance of catching the killer.

From the crocodile-infested waters of Cape York, North Queensland, to the dry Savannas of South Africa, the fugitive tries to use local protection and escape justice. The chase sends Cory across Australia, and ultimately to a racist camp near Johannesburg.

Payback is a thriller that will have readers biting their nails as they follow Cory and Hogan through Australia and South Africa on a manhunt to bring a dangerous criminal to justice, while also raising questions about the ethical conflict between tribal justice and the ‘white man’s’ jury trial. The dramatic finale is what kind of justice will be meted out to Benson.

Payback is published by Aurora House. RRP AUD$24.95. ISBN 978-0-6482263-1-4. Available in all main online bookstores, including Amazon. Kindle and ePub are available for AUD$8.99.

About the Author

Izaz was born in a small sugar town called Ba on the main island of Fiji. He attended primary and secondary schools in Ba before going to Charters Towers in North Queensland to finish his secondary education at Mt Carmel College, and then completed a Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Queensland.

He completed a LL.B degree (Batchelor of Laws) from the University of NSW and an LL.M degree (Master of Laws) from Sydney University. He became a barrister in 1980 until 2012.

Izaz became one of the foremost barristers in the field of property law. Between June 1980 and end of 1991, Izaz was a part-time lecturer in Conveyancing and Property law at the Law School of UNSW. He has written numerous articles in his field for the Law Society Journal. Izaz is a former judge of the Fiji Court of Appeal.

Payback is his second novel. His first is called Chainbreaker, and is set in Fiji.