• Eric Abetz used taxpayers’ dollars to travel to Melbourne for anti-abortion rally
  • Senator Abetz must refund the money
  • Liberals putting personal views before the health of women


The Health Minister Michael Ferguson and Senator Eric Abetz have shown a complete disregard for Tasmanian women by putting their own personal beliefs on abortion before women’s health.


While Michael Ferguson fails to provide a safe termination service for Tasmania women, Senator Abetz spends taxpayers money supporting the anti-abortion campaign.


A report on MP travel expenditure revealed Senator Abetz charged taxpayers almost $3000 to attend anti-abortion rally March for the Babies in Melbourne last year.


Deputy Labor Leader, Michelle O’Byrne, said Senator Abetz must pay the money back.


“I can’t see how speaking at an anti-abortion rally in Melbourne is delivering on the role this Tasmanian Senator is to provide to the people of Tasmania,” Ms O’Byrne said.


“It is unconscionable that public money should be spent on something that we clearly know is a personal matter for this Senator.


“It seems to be a reoccurring theme for Liberal members of parliament where their personal beliefs are put before those they are supposed to be representing.


“We now hear the Health Minister Michael Ferguson has failed to deliver on his promise of providing a new termination service for Tasmanian women by October.


“This Minister needs to put aside his personal views and deliver this vital health service to Tasmanian women. If he is incapable due to his own personal views, then he clearly should not be the Health Minister.”