• Long-time Liberal COS attacks Hodgman Government
• Description of a Liberal Party with no direction that’s breaking promises
• Labor united, focused on health and jobs

Today’s Mercury opinion piece from long-time Liberal Chief of Staff Brad Stansfield is a damning insight into a Liberal Government beset by own goals and crisis, Deputy Labor Leader Michelle O’Byrne said.
“Will Hodgman’s right hand man of eight years has painted a picture of a broken Liberal Government that has no direction and is breaking promises.
“These are the observations from the inside – and they are diabolical.
“This month the Speaker took aim at the Health Minister, now the former Chief of Staff is targeting the Premier.
“This is a dysfunctional Liberal Government operating without Primary Industries Minister Sarah Courtney, who should be sacked for not declaring immediately her affair with her department’s most senior public servant.
“It is a dysfunctional Government overseeing a health crisis in a system described by health workers as the worst it has ever been.
“The Premier is either unable or too weak to reshuffle his beleaguered Ministry, with his backbench including scandal-plagued backbencher Adam Brooks and bully Rene Hidding, who’s seemingly on four years gardening leave.
“Labor’s team is united and will continue putting forward positive ideas aimed at fixing the health crisis and growing jobs in Tasmania.”