The Mount Wellington Cable Car proposal looms over the imminent Hobart City Council elections, but how can we decide its worthiness when so much critical information remains hidden; in particular, who benefits from the cable car and by how much?

The government has ignored objections from the community to offer a private company the commercial monopoly to a treasured public asset, without even an open tender; a process wide open to corruption.

Under such circumstances, the deal must be transparent, so that Tasmanians can make an informed decision – rules of commercial-in-confidence cannot apply.

So, let’s ask what ticket price was proposed to investors? Likely answer: too much for Tasmanian families (I have seen estimates over $300 return per family).

Why is the price not currently available?

Because they know local support will evaporate once Tasmanians realise they can’t take their kids to the snow.

What will be the direct returns and risks to the State, and is the return to the investors within reasonable limits?

Even if the government had a social mandate, will Tasmania get a good deal for selling a treasured asset?

How long will access to the summit be closed?

They can hardly allow cars and hikers in the area with blasting and excavation above.

What happens when there are cost blowouts?

How much damage will be done to the Pinnacle Rd by concrete trucks and heavy machinery and who will pay?

I am against the deal in principle and on the basis of bad governance, but how can anyone support the deal on economic grounds when so much information has been withheld?