Dear Tasmanian Member of the House of Representatives,

My name is Robert Newitt and I am the Leader of the Tasmanian only political party T4T-Tasmanians 4 Tasmania.

After the Liberal Party loss in Wentworth at the recent bi-election, the Federal Government now sits as a Government with no clear majority in the House.

As a Tasmanian and Leader of the Party, I am calling on you all to stand together in a united front as a Tasmanian Members of the House of Representatives, and hand Tasmania the balance of power in the Australian Federal Government.

I am sure that you will understand the ramifications of this.

It will provide Tasmania with the never seen before opportunity to have a greater say in Australian Politics, and position us to get a better deal from the Australian Federal Government.

I ask you to put aside your differences created by the “two party system” and work together as a Tasmanian to secure a better and more prosperous outcome for our State, our home and our people.

Should you choose not to do this, and you do have a choice other than your party’s stand (look within your own heart and see), I will be obliged to inform the Tasmania people of your choice…’s Tasmania or it’s a Federal Political Party… choose.

I await your response, as party members are waiting to hear the outcome of their request,

Best Regards,