As a business person myself I understand the need to run a profitable business.  Not only for yourself but for the workers relying on your solid business judgement and financial planning to secure their jobs.


Clearly this did not happen with JBS, as they announced their closure today.  Considering in 2016 this Corporation approached the Minister of State Growth asked for and received a grant of $783K to save the jobs of 100 workers, supposably for four years.


Our question to the Minister of State Growth is this – “Where were the checks and balances for this grant, were you kept in the dark regarding the eminent demise of this large corporation?”


What happens now regarding “buy local to support local produces? “

Where do the growers send their produced to be processed?”

Does all our pork come from overseas

Are the animals being transported to another abattoir (live exports) and then sent back to the supermarkets.


Where again are the check and balances for the public regarding the quality of the meat.   Can we rely on the major supermarkets to buy only Australian pork?  Tasmanians don’t want imported boxed meat, they want to support their communities, their local producers, buy local, support local.

The closing of this business does not support State Growth and security of jobs.

“SFFP” wants answers to these questions…